Oh the difference a year makes

Date: 2016-06-24 02:21 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] dosmastr
Sir, I'm not sure you are using the same definition of "political correctness" that I have observed or the one Google brings up.

Your fourth sentence is a main concern.
po·lit·i·cal cor·rect·ness
the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

Stores say Happy Holidays BECAUSE it is PC -- we don't want to offend the non-religious!(A minority until more recent times) Dunham is railing **AGAINST** PC-- cater to the present majority (even at the exclusion of the atheist minority): "MERRRYYY CHRISSSTMASSS!!!"
Funny thing is most atheists have better things to worry about than how a store bids them good day.

Moving on,
When I rail against PC, I am railing against:
A. people being childishly easily offended by somebody who doesn't think 100% like they do.
B. Against the suppression of ideas which for the sole reason that a small group might not like it.

I would never say a people group doesn't exist, I haven't met somebody who does take this stand when talking about PC... but I haven't met many of the fox news hosts either...

Regarding A: I might say they have flawed reasoning behind the views they hold, but wouldn't get uppity about it until they freaked out that somebody might be pointing out real or perceived gaps in the reasoning (See also, christians who get super upset "at being attacked" when an atheist merely asked them to explain why they hold a given view) That type of PC I take issue with.

B: Nobody should be insulated from explaining why they hold the views they hold just because they are a small club which holds them. No large group should be forbidden from discussing where they feel a smaller group may be mistaken in thinking just because it is a big group vs a smaller group. This is not to say that the larger group should be allowed to openly malign or misrepresent the small group. No, the ideas themselves should be the discussion regardless of the quantity of people who hold them.
And I say this as a Christian who is aware that before the end of my lifetime the Gay population (4% ?) will likely outnumber Christians by a large margin, by some counts they already do.

This all said. looking at the whole "Tip" format of these posts.

I'm not sure I see political correctness benefiting people who disagree with secularism but I'm glad that you do -- in that maybe it IS making the marketplace merely about ideas.

and I;ll take extra effort to explain (as I feel I have above) that my problem with PC is that just because it is a small group holding the idea doesn't mean it should be isolated from discussion or **respectful** criticism. And that criticism must be focused squarely at the ideas, not in any way at the persons of those who hold them.

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