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Disclaimer 1: Looney Tunes, the characters, their names, and their likenesses are owned by Warner Brothers and this indicates no claim upon their intellectual property.

Disclaimer 2: I know next to nothing about Tasmania or how actual research facilities work.

Elmer Fudd fumed in his seat. He could actually feel his temperature rise.

It wasn't enough to deny him legitimacy. It wasn't enough to deny the obvious evidence in front of their faces. Now, they had to pretend that his ideas were insane, that he was insane! Of course he was insane! They were all insane! Weren't they sane enough to see that?

It was all resentment on their part. It had to be.

"Ah ee oowah rabbit ah pbthth!" If anything, the voice sounded angrier... hungrier.


Dr. Bunnet caught up to Dr.s Duhch and Pehg as they made it to what would be her office.

Dr. Duhch paused long enough to ask the question. "How did it go?"

"Like I expected, doc."

Dr. Duhch gave that a nod, then moved back to the tour. "Here'th your offithe."

Dr. Pehg took a look. "Is a the-ah a the-ah a the-ah the equipment as rustic as the living quarters?"


Doc. One single syllabul that's denied him. Hadn't he traveled the world collecting information for his theory? Hadn't he written his book on his theory? Did that not qualify him to be a doctor?

But, they denied him his due respect, because he had made his money in the real world, not their ivory tower. And, they didn't respect that, either! The nerve of bringing up his father's... embarrassment like that. The Fudds had held economies upon their very shoulders! Did that not merit respect?

"Ah ee oowah rabbit ah pbthth!"


"For the motht part, we have thome good bathic equipment. Each of uth hath our own microthcope. Though, our equipment needth have been thlim. With biochemithtry being in the mix, there might be uthe for a thentrifuge, which would mean we'd have to thend out."

"I a ke-ah a ke-ah a ke-ah can make due. I suppose I can get to work, now."

"Good luck, doc."

"It'll be a pleathure to collaborate with you."

With a couple shaken hands, Dr.s Duhch and Bunnet were gone to their own respective "offices".

Mr. Fudd saw his chance. With those two intellectual elites gone, he had an opportunity. He snuck open the door and leaned over to Dr. Pehg.

"A me-ah a me-ah a me-ah Mr. Fudd?"

"Do not wet them poison you to my weseawch, Dr. Pehg," said Mr. Fudd in a slightly raspy whisper. "Wead fow youwsewf." He handed over the book that he had written. "Lunacy: An international study of the madnesses at the heart of the human soul."

Dr. Pehg took a step back, but accepted the book. "A the-ah a the-ah a the-ah thank you, Mr. Fudd."

"Wead it, then get back to me when you undewstand the twue heawt of man's weawity."

Dr. Pehg nodded then slipped into her office.

Mr. Fudd smiled at her retreating form. Somewhere, the raspy, angry, hungry voice said "Mmm. Porky."



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