May. 12th, 2016

The idea comes from my discussion of Amarie's response to Captain America: Civil War. Link right here.

Again, as per previous times I've taken on super heroes, I haven't read the comic books. I'm going, mainly, by the movies. I'm also going by the short-lived cartoon that tried to follow the success of Spiderman in the 90s. Other than that, I'm working with things I've only learned through cultural osmosis. That said, my primary source is the Iron Man movies.

The first Iron Man movie starts with billionaire, playboy, weapons dealer Tony Stark. Tony Stark is a capable salesperson, perhaps a genius level engineer, and has earned precisely none of his fame, wealth, or power. No, really.

Tony Stark was born and raised into the Stark family, which already owned a weapons development company. It was already quite wealthy and already had connections with the US government and military. Tony Stark grew up knowing that he really could do anything he set his mind to, because he had the wealth and connections to override anything that would be a reasonable impediment to someone who was just a genius.

That's all part of it. I mean, you can't blame him for having his privileges. And, his story is, essentially, of recognizing that his actions have consequences on other people and taking responsibility. Good for him... sorta.
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