May. 27th, 2016

It seems official. The Incredibles Sequel is in the works for 2019. There's no reason why we shouldn't have a sequel. It's an entertaining movie about people fully embracing who they are (some for the first time some again) and the need to work with others and the need to value your family. These are good morals.

But, as you might be able to tell from a couple Scenes I'd Like to See*, there's a pervasive problem within the movie.

The Incredibles takes, as given, the moral superiority of those with super powers. They're not just special for being individuals with their own unique space-time and the unreplicable perspective and experience within, like everybody else. No, if everybody's special then nobody's special. The accomplishments that most people achieve, through hard work or study, are mediocrity. Someone born with a superpower that makes practice and exercise immaterial, such as that which others need to win a race, has the unique capacity for greatness.

To put it another way, The Incredibles despises participation trophies, but applauds to celebrate accidents of birth.

This isn't an intended moral of The Incredibles, but not setting to outright tell people that they shouldn't try to achieve greatness if they weren't born great is a very low bar to set. It's more of an underlying assumption throughout the movie. But, for all that, I'm not suggesting a remake.

Whether by intention or not, The Incredibles can be both its own movie and Act I. The first act has the job of establishing the setting and the basis for the conflict to come. The Incredibles has done just that.
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