Jun. 2nd, 2016

The first movie, intentionally or otherwise, was Act I. I've made the Case for Act II. Now, it's time to complete the epic trilogy.

Like with the second movie, we can move the youngest Incredibles onto new stages in their lives.

Violet Parr has gone through college and law school and is starting her career. This is a source of tension within the family because the firm she works for takes on a lot of what Bob Par/Mr. Incredible considers "anti-hero" cases. A more neutral description would be that they represent plaintiffs in injury and damage cases due to super-hero negligence.

To Bob Parr, this is the very thing that drove superheroes out of the job in the first place. To Violet Parr, this is an essential element of justice.

To Helen Parr/Elastigirl, this is just another conflict in the family that she has to mediate in order to keep the family together.

Dash has just finished college on a track scholarship. As Dashiell Parr, he's continued to not take his studies seriously at all. As the superhero, Blink (a super hero name of Dash is just too obvious and asking for trouble), he did actively study criminology. He knew that he had a career easily in front of him, just like his dad.

And, John, sometimes still called Jack-Jack, is now in college. Like Violet, he has an obvious interest in Super Hero studies, itself an obvious choice for many a student on account of the re-emerging importance of superheroes in emergency response and law enforcement. Like Violet, he gets into his share of arguments with his father.

The first or second scene (after an initial bit of super-hero action, perhaps) will remind of the key issue. Dash has a girlfriend, someone he believes responsible enough to handle the family secret.
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