Feb. 10th, 2017

I want to be clear. There are some times when purity can be something good. You'll want to look for pure water. If you've found a stash of stored supplies, you'll want to know if the packages are still pure sugar or pure salt. Even a vat of pure feces has the benefit of knowing that it isn't tainted with some kind of herbicide and can be useful in fertilizing crops.

The moment someone starts applying that word to people is a moment you should start to fear.

There's an oft-recurring fantasy that plays out in the human mind, both on the individual level and on the societal level. You've had this fantasy, too. It's almost impossible not to. It's also nigh-impossible not to mistake this fantasy for an ideal reality. "This civilization would be great, if only everybody were..."

You should recognize that as the "nice" way of saying it. The "mean" way of conveying the exact same information is "This civilization would be great, if only we got rid of all the..."
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