Mar. 8th, 2017

I self-published this little thing through It's 2.99 and I'm actually rather proud of it.

The story is set in a version of Hell that takes an alternate view of certain philosophies and biblical stories. Here's the link and here's a small sample.

Day 1
If you asked an ancient Roman about what a lake of fire meant to them, chances are you’d hear them say that it meant the place where a society throws its refuse. At the time, the vast majority of trash was safely, if not pleasantly, burned away. Those with the job of tending that fire might mention danger, but not malice. The entire purpose of their lake of fire was for something to be thrown away and forgotten as it turned to ash to be scattered on the wind.

Now, imagine someone took that idea, but threw conscious people into the fire. Next, imagine that someone then bid that the burning should last forever, such that those who were tossed into the flame would never stop suffering from the flames. What would you say about the kind of person who would come up with such an idea? What I felt, at the time, was betrayed.
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