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The first movie, intentionally or otherwise, was Act I. I've made the Case for Act II. Now, it's time to complete the epic trilogy.

Like with the second movie, we can move the youngest Incredibles onto new stages in their lives.

Violet Parr has gone through college and law school and is starting her career. This is a source of tension within the family because the firm she works for takes on a lot of what Bob Par/Mr. Incredible considers "anti-hero" cases. A more neutral description would be that they represent plaintiffs in injury and damage cases due to super-hero negligence.

To Bob Parr, this is the very thing that drove superheroes out of the job in the first place. To Violet Parr, this is an essential element of justice.

To Helen Parr/Elastigirl, this is just another conflict in the family that she has to mediate in order to keep the family together.

Dash has just finished college on a track scholarship. As Dashiell Parr, he's continued to not take his studies seriously at all. As the superhero, Blink (a super hero name of Dash is just too obvious and asking for trouble), he did actively study criminology. He knew that he had a career easily in front of him, just like his dad.

And, John, sometimes still called Jack-Jack, is now in college. Like Violet, he has an obvious interest in Super Hero studies, itself an obvious choice for many a student on account of the re-emerging importance of superheroes in emergency response and law enforcement. Like Violet, he gets into his share of arguments with his father.

The first or second scene (after an initial bit of super-hero action, perhaps) will remind of the key issue. Dash has a girlfriend, someone he believes responsible enough to handle the family secret.

Dash making the case to his parents: She's special.
Jack-Jack making the counter-case: Everybody's special.
Dash: But, I mean really.

During that conversation, Jack-Jack gets a call from someone and leaves to go "meet a friend".

What will follow is Jack-Jack going off alone at times, not being entirely honest about where he'g going, only to come back in unusually brighter mood and readier to let go of the continual family argument. This, alone, wouldn't be much. But, the re-emergence of Mirage and news that Syndrom has been released on the grounds that being held without charge or trial constituted a breach of his constitutional rights.

Bob remembers how he got involved with the two of them and sees the signs of history repeating in Jack-Jack's behavior. But, attempts to confront Jack-Jack directly only get evasive responses.

Violet Parr will look over the case of Syndrom's release and find that, legally speaking, there's nothing she can do. This will spark another family debate between Violet and Bob. Is it right to give Syndrom, who very nearly killed so many, those constitutional rights? Can we be safe in a society that would deny those rights to anybody?

Then, Jack-Jack will have a private conversation with Violet Parr, one of which that Bob can find out happened but isn't able to get any details. After that conversation, Violet, herself, has a change of behavior, going to work for a new company.

It's the company Mirage works for. It's the company that's employing Syndrom of all people! Bob's, Helen's, and Dash's investigations don't ease any of their suspicions.

The standoffs are inevitable. And, one standoff happens at an R&D facility, in fact an R&D facility taken over from Syndrom's own base of operations, a familiar island. Bob and Dash are certain that somebody is controlling Violet and Jack-Jack's minds. Helen is less certain of that and more certain that her family is pulling itself apart.

Eventually, the fight becomes a matter of three teams. Bob and Dash on one side, Violet and Jack-Jack on one side, and, between them, just trying to keep them from killing each other, is Helen.

The resolution only comes with the reveal of the one who's really behind everything happening in this company. It's not Mirage or Syndrom, though both are employed. It's not Jack-Jack or Violet, even though both given power in the company.

It's Kari McKeen.

Kari McKeen, in the first movie, was the babysitter. If you've seen Jack Jack Attack, the DVD extra, you know that she was there when Jack-Jack first started using his powers. These powers include self-immolation, shape shifting, shooting lasers from his eyes, and manipulating his own mass. That last one is amazing, because, more than any other, he has break defy the laws of physics in order to do it.

As much as that's played for laughs, she keeps the baby safe through the sudden, uncontrolled emerging power of the likes that would rival Dr. Manhattan. Full grown, well trained child-care specialists would be forgiven for fleeing the scene, and she stuck with it. She managed to reach a point where she kept the infant Jack-Jack safe, stimulated, well fed, and clean... without being able to take a break to sleep or eat.

Okay, she was a little over-eager to hand Jack-Jack off to the replacement sitter. I will repeat, no sleep, no food.

There's a word for that kind of accomplishment and, regardless of what Mr. Incredible thinks of it, that word is "heroic". In the old, Greek definition, that meant that she accomplished something big. In the modern day definition, that meant she accomplished something undeniably good. In both definitions, that means despite great difficulty. She did both.

As a reward for her act of heroism, a piece of her mind was taken from her. The closest she comes to consenting to this procedure is an offhand remark. By the sequence of things, that consent was not important to the process. All because, according to some functionary, she wasn't great like Mr. Incredible was... because if she was special, nobody was... because her remembering could have been inconvenient to family.

Who is the good guy? Who is the bad guy? Is there such a thing as a truly good guy or is there only a less bad guy?

Yes, what I'm proposing is that the trilogy end with The Incredibles: Civil War.
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