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There was even a whole subsection-Pornosec, it was called in newspeak-engaged in producing the lowest kind of pornography, which was sent out in sealed packets and which no Party member, other than those who worked on it, was permitted to look at.

I regret not having read this earlier. As I stated before, I thought that 1984 was something that people read in order to reference. It is certainly valuable for that. It's also an engaging read. Right here, with the notions of Pornosec, I regret, even more, not having read 1984 earlier. Had I read this a couple decades ago and caught this one line... I might have done my Senior College Thesis on the question of just what is Pornosec and what constitutes "the lowest kind of pornography."

This has the potential to be a fractal of both Oceana and George Orwell's thinking.

I want to be clear. I don't think that George Orwell had any idea what form Pornosec would take. The point wasn't to have an image in anybody's mind. The point was to have a feeling in mind. That feeling was the commonly held view of the immorality of pornography and to apply the feeling of immorality to Oceana.

I did a Google search for the word "George Orwell on pornography" and found only a couple references to 1984 and a couple Catholic pages that use that same reference in order to speak ill of pornography in general. So, I can't really speak to George Orwell's views on pornography or what would qualify as "lower". I can only ascribe, to George Orwell, my guess at what an average 1940s or 1950s adult male would (publicly) think. And, that amounts to, aside from considering it immoral, not much.

Taking a moment to expand this to include views on sex, we can imagine what the people of Orwell's time would, if forced, imagine to be "lower" forms of pornography. Well, there's the hard-core images and ultra-closeups of of body-parts to the point that it's completely lost all erotic appeal (there, effectively, not being a person involved in that anymore), I can believe that of Oceana's Pornosec. One of the things they want, after all, is for a person not to have any real connection to other people.

Beyond that, I have to imagine that Oceana agrees with the (publicly stated) opinion of the average man of Orwell's time. Anything to do with same-sex sexual relations wouldn't be allowed into the Pornosec. That would be non-productive sex, sex that doesn't "do one's duty" to produce more offspring. Its only purpose would be personal enjoyment (which Oceana doesn't want of its members) or to make homosexual people feel less alienated (and alienation from each other is an important element of Oceana's control scheme).

BDSM, even ignoring all of the basic safety and respect precautions, would communicate concepts of which Oceana wants its citizens completely ignorant. Anything that more blatantly derives its titillation from obvious degradation would do the same. It's the same reason that The Matrix made a mistake making its simulated reality that of the computer age. (They'd have had a lot fewer escapees if the humans were, instead, in a World of Warcraft Matrix.)

Varying numbers of partners wouldn't be included. That kind of sex has no value to Oceana. Neither does sex that's about anybody's actual pleasure. So, orgasms aren't included. Neither would foreplay. Nothing that would encourage attachment to another person or appreciation of their pleasure.

Outside of the aforementioned closeups, what we're left with must, by nature, be what many would call... prudish. Tab A and Slot B are involved, as is the missionary position (suitably renamed in Newspeak). But, little to nothing else. No fantasies about what a young prole does to encourage the remote committees to improve their priority for repairs. Certainly no fantastic locations, as fantasy, itself, cannot be of value to Oceana. Not even word enough spoken to indicate any kind of connection between the participants.

Despite what Orwell might have meant by "lowest kind of pornography", that might actually mean pornography with all the arousal, titillation, and fantasy removed. No sex-positive messages. Not even enough of a message to be sex-negative. Just a plain, dryly depressing presentation of what, on pure technicality, is sex.

But, since it's the only thing they'd have access to, well...

Although, I suppose there could be some story-possibilities in the idea that Oceana fused degradation-based arousal and titillation with their pornography, thus supplying the proles with a language they could use to describe what Oceana is, in fact, doing to them.
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