Dec. 6th, 2015

In some ways, I might be a little late on this. Months ago, there was that article by some college student explaining that, no, he won't check his privilege because he refuses to feel guilty for being white, male, Christian, cisgengered, heterosexual, etc.

Still others demand proof that they're privileged.

So, let's clarify this matter.

The best definition of "Privilege" that I can come up with for the purposes it's being used is "the stuff you don't have to deal with, but others do for the same goal or the same situation."

Put that way, this means that there's likely not a soul alive that isn't privileged in some way, shape or form... or who doesn't lack for privilege given a certain context. So, checking your privilege is meant to remind you that there's stuff you don't have to deal with, that some others do and that you're failing to factor that into your assessments.

Let me tell you a little story to help illustrate the complexities.
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