Mar. 8th, 2015

In the first sketch of the first episode of the British sketch comedy show "That Mitchell and Webb Look", there's a conversation between two German officers on the front lines of the Russian front in WWII. One of the officers notes that the official uniform hats have, as the official sigil, skulls on them. He follows up this realization with a question. "Are we the baddies?"

There are, obviously, far worse things to object to. The joke rests upon the reality that people can accept or even commit acts of horrific evil... without really noticing that they're doing bad. In fact, it can be the small things that get to them.

Now, you and I may ask the question of how it is that some people can do obvious wrongs, large or small, without even the slightest visible inkling that they're doing something wrong. I've asked the same of Christian evangelists and apologists.
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Disclaimer 1: Looney Tunes, the characters, their names, and their likenesses are owned by Warner Brothers and this indicates no claim upon their intellectual property.

Disclaimer 2: I know next to nothing about Tasmania or how actual research facilities work.


The living quarters were in the smallest of the three storage units. An individual's living space consisted of a cot, space on the wall for pictures, and a foot locker. The communal eating area included a potbellied stove, one ice box, one additional storage box for nonperishable foods, and one square table.

Dr.s Duhch and Bunnet worked on their respective dishes with rhythm that avoided potential collisions.

"This, here's, going to be our fancy bank-ooh-it for you showin' up, doc. Things ain't always going to be this nice."

"For the motht part, it'll be rithe and beanth with vegthtableth out of a can."

"I ke-ah I ke-ah I ke-ah I can eat most anything and in large amounts."

"That's good, doc. Most dames make a show outta eatin' dainty."

"A ye-ah A ye-ah A ye-ah You would, too, if your economic and social standing demanded it."

Dr. Pehg immediately doubted herself. That may have been a confrontational tone. She would have to live with these men for six months. She didn't want to shy away from fights or seek them.

Dr.s Duhch and Bunnet paused to look at each other a moment.
Within his office, Elmer Fudd, the self-titled doctor of socio-psychological-crypto-zoology, listened intently to his recordings of wilderness sounds. He listened to the sounds over and over again, using a custsom-made contraption to modulation for higher and lower pitches.

"Those two wascawwy intewectuaws towd methat these awe aww individuaw cweatuwes. Maybe the individuaw voices awen't the pwace to wook. Maybe, its in the cowwective that I wiww find it."

He slowed down the replay and listened intently, taking each separate sound as a part of a total whole. He was certain he heard it, in the combination of a few sounds.

Taken together, there was a sound that could have been a raspy, angry voice. "Raaabbiiiit"
"That'th... thomething that we hadn't thought of."

"Yeah, thanks, doc."

Dr. Bunnet placed a plate in front of Dr. Pehg. It contained an herb-roasted carrot as well as something that consisted of rice and long cut vegetables wrapped in some kind of leaf.

That wasn't what Dr. Pehg had expected. But, her readiness to have a potentially necessary argument wasn't a desire to create them unnecessarily. So, she chose to change the subject.

"A bee-ah A bee-ah A bee-ah About this Elmer Fudd. What's his degree and what's his research?"

"Hith degree ith in buthineth management. Until a few yearth back, he wath a very thuckthethful thtock and bond trader."

"He fund this stat-ee-an so he can use us for his puh-see-ooh-doh-science. In exchange, we get to do our own research."

"And ye-ah ye-ah ye-ah you have trouble getting admittance into labs and grants, too."

"You probably know why, doc. Motht rethearch labth don't thee the driven, careful, and knowledgtheable thientithtth that we are. Not when they look at thith little black zoologitht." Dr. Duhch motioned to himself.

"Or this little poor boy who passed the right tests but didn't take no classes because he never had the money to go to college to learn the right pro-noun-see-ah-tye-ons."

"Ore-ah Ore-ah Ore-ah Or this woman."

"Tho we do what we mutht to do what we love."

The three toasted that with their mugs of water.

The door burst in to slam against the aluminium siding. "I've got it. Come with me. The mystewies of mankind awe about to be sowved!"



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