Aug. 13th, 2015

In the Creationism v Evolution debate, there's a common claim made to defend Creationism as a science equal to evolution. It's the notion that the scientific method simply does not apply to the past. This is, perhaps, farther than people might want to go.

The scientific method, boiled down to the most simple possible description, is looking at the evidence and drawing conclusions accordingly.
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Back to the Future is a very entertaining story. It has the main character, in painfully awkward manner, finding out that his parents weren't always his parents. But, for all of that, and for the light deconstruction of 50s teen romance tropes, there are still problems that could stand some deconstruction of their own.

One of these problems is Lorraine and George, Marty's mother and father respectively. Part of the comedy of the movie is that George isn't the perfect geek-gets-girl stereotypical story. He's a peeping tom and he's ready to go along with an attempt to trick Lorraine into marrying him.

Lorraine, on the other hand, is framed very well... but she undresses Marty while unconscious. The infatuation that she initially starts, her associating this boy with potential future marriage, all happens while he's unconscious. What else happens is her taking off his pants. She takes an effort to hide that fact from her parents.

This isn't to condemn either of them or to cast them as deserving of punishment. This is to say that they aren't as far from the other problem as framing would seem to claim.
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