May. 22nd, 2016

I frequent the blog Slacktivist*. It's a blog by someone who is, at the same time, an Evangelical Christian and, socially and politically, liberal. I enjoy it for its more thoughtful approach and for its engaging commentariat. But, for a while there was one commenter that, for our purposes and to maintain the anonymity, I will call the Declarator.

The Declarator was a conservative Christian and, any time the topic of a blog post came to something in favor of LGBT rights or in favor of a pro-choice position on abortion, one could always count on a nigh-identical post from the Declarator. "Homosexuality remains sinful." It would always be one short sentence making a declaration of the sinfulness of homosexuality or abortion. If it was a different topic, you might find a different short, declarative sentence. Any attempt to extend this into a full on conversation would only get similar declarations in response.

It's possible that you might agree with the Declarator's positions. For the purposes of this tip, the important parts are that this method of communication is ill-suited to convincing the unconvinced and why, when pressed for an answer to that question, the Declarator continues with this method.

The Declarator's claimed motivation is to convince the lurkers of (what the Declarator believes to be) the truth. Those who either frequent the blog or who come across these individual posts, but do not comment, according to the Declarator, might find these declarations persuasive. This is in the face of the evidence that these bald-faced declarations and the egotism displayed by the notion that the declarations, alone and absent any case made for their truth value, often moved people to take more strident sides against them.
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