Jan. 16th, 2017

I've spoken about the perils of becoming a pre-apocalyptic society, that is a society that longs for the end of civilization. In today's society, some of those are represented within a subculture of those who plan to survive a civilization-ending event and its aftermath. These "Doomsday Preppers" ("preppers" for short) include a range of personalities and not all are fairly described as desiring of an apocalypse. They also range in the apocalypses they expect, the reasonableness and thoroughness of their preparations, and what they want out of the Apocalypse.

That last one is strange, but important. Some want the apocalypse to happen and, through their preparation, make themselves the ones who "come out ahead". In short, they want to be the winner and for you to be the loser.

Toward this end, they'll stock up on food and water, to be able to survive. They may think to stock up on medicine. They even might stock up on gold for trade. They will definitely stock up on guns and ammunition in order to fight off what they think of as the hoards that want to take what's theirs.
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