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I recently viewed Mad Max: Fury Road. There's much to be said about that movie. How did they make a movie that is 100% climax work? Is it possible to take so insane a movie seriously? Why, if there is such a gas shortage, are there so many flamethrowers?

Less legitimate, in my eyes, is "why did Mad Max have to take orders from a woman?" First, that woman is Furiosa. Second... really?

Something about people taking offense at the notion that a woman could be as awesome as Mad Max (who is, generally, a survivor and not meant to really be awesome) makes me want to offend such people even more.

I think part of the objection stems from Post Apocalyptic fiction generally being a realm of manly men expressing their manliness all over the place. In post-apocalyptic fictions, being tough and strong and ready to kill is the primary virtue. Sure, there's compassion and kindness, but that's subject to the strength and readiness.

For that reason, I'm sticking to the post apocalyptic, war torn world. But, I'll go one farther and make it so that the compassion and hope are the virtues that both lead, win, and save the world.

One part of why these post-apocalyptic landscapes always have warring and marauding bands is that so many people can't see past today. They're trying not to die, which can be worth killing for. They're trying not to suffer, which can be worth dying for. But, they don't have much hope for a life that's worth building for.

In a world that's measured in suffering, hope needs to be brought through celebration. That means that the best hope for peace comes from a team, which shares its title with the movie.

The Post Apocalyptic Party Planners For Peace!

Yes, the exclamation point is a part of the title.

The basic story-line is a team that goes into the war-zones and gives people hope, but at a basic price. You can have cake and ice-cream... but not war.

Don't worry, the cake will be gluten free and the ice-cream will be made with the lactose-free milk.

The high-ranking members of the team should be diverse.

The general leader should be a woman who is at least old enough to be expected to have the experience needed to lead. Late 40s at least.

The member in charge of defense and combat (to have peace, you must prepare for war), should be a capable woman.

The head cook(cakes have to be baked) should be a gentle man who cares about making sure everybody has something they can enjoy. (Hope for a happy life is, after all, the very purpose of the team.)

The adult event planner (not sex or porn, just with the job of getting the grownup members of warring or near-warring societies to have fun together) should be a woman capable of projecting both fun and strength.

The event planner for children should be a man capable of projecting safety, fun, and caring.

Since this is post-apocalyptic, an engineer will also be needed. This engineer should display great capacity to use what is available, adapting and even constructing what is needed to make sure that a team with limited carrying capacity can always have some version of needed equipment available.

The story would be a standard Post Apocalyptic Party Planners For Peace operation. Two peoples are nearing war. In comes the team, right between the two, with not overwhelming force, but at least enough capacity to make their own defeat a Pyrrhic victory for whichever side overtakes them.

They'll make their pitch, instead of having a war, today, how about a negotiation instead? Since all these soldiers have to do something, the PAPPFP brought cake and games. Whoever fights them will win, but be so wounded in the process that the other side will have the clear advantage when that battle comes.

Even your battle-hardened warrior will, all else being equal, prefer cake to war. But, the leadership will be hesitant. It won't be until a few soldiers break ranks to try the cake that the leaders won't have a choice.

The leader of the team will be in the room with the two leaders. Her job will be to find out the nature of the conflict and handle negotiations between the leadership. Both sides need to feel that they've come out the winner.

Here, the difficulty will be that, sometimes, war isn't unnecessary. This is more and more true in the post-apocalyptic world with limited resources and people who want to not die. Both sides will need to be taken for winners, because an image of weakness would be a sign to yet others to attack. Necessities of survival lead to conflict.

Both event planners have a goal of making sure not only the peoples have fun, but that they get, however gradually, to know each other. They should see each other less as obstacles and threats and more as... people... or at the very least potential lucrative trading partners.

Here, the difficulty will be that, sometimes, war is hard to let go. Various fighters have built up personal identities or public legitimacy based on war or based on the other side being the bad guys. And, well, past wrongs don't go away just because the other side has said "we're done now" or "we've both done bad things".

Both the engineer and the baker will, by necessity, employ members of both opposing groups. Both their skills and their resources will be needed to keep the party going.

Here, the difficulty will be that peace takes work. And, that work is hard to accomplish when people have trouble trusting each other.

It won't be an easy victory. Throughout what seems like a comedy setup (and, yeah, comedy will have to be the framework), a serious look at the legitimate obstacles to peace will be essential.

It won't be a complete victory. By the time the PAPPFP leave, they won't have any certainty that the peace will continue after they're gone. But, they will have each side agreeing to care for the orphaned children and to avoid harming non-combatants. War may be essential, but people can still try.

Long lasting peace may not be achievable. But, peoples being less eager for war, that's at least worth the effort.

Showing people who have a hate-on for women in leadership or for those virtues traditionally considered feminine the middle finger, that's also worth the effort.

Date: 2015-05-29 06:22 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] mawgon
Awesome movie, where can I watch it?

If that's what you come up with by trying to spite MRAs, you should take a vow to spite an MRA every day.

Date: 2015-07-14 09:31 pm (UTC)
kitrona: A white cat, its back to the viewer, on a variable red background (Default)
From: [personal profile] kitrona
YES. When do we start shooting? :D (The movie, of course.)
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