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Last week, I didn't make a post outside of one of my tips for my Evangelizing Advice from an Atheist series. I wanted to, but something had happened at the beginning of last week (or rather, I became aware of that something and it became well known to the world). It was... I couldn't not comment on it. And, yet, I couldn't comment on it in any way that wasn't using that horrible thing just to repeat something that has already been well said before.

Then, an entirely different horrible thing happened at the beginning of this week. Again, comment has already been made. In each case, the applicable comments have been made long before the events actually happened. I can't add to the conversations in specific.

So, in the hopes that I can do some good, I'll add a general concept and phrase, in the hopes that future conversations can go more smoothly.

The Social Iceberg

The most commonly noted item about icebergs is that you only ever see the tip. This is usually used to note the same about people. We don't see all of them and shouldn't make assumptions about their inner workings.

In this case, though, let's treat the tip not as the part that we see, but the part that breaks the surface. The Emerged Iceberg, in that it emerges from a sea of just every-day additions to become the stuff that is big enough, noticeable enough, and obvious enough that it can't help but catch our notice.

With both of the big stories of last week and this week, we have people who want us to know that they're not a part of the tip, they're a part of the submerged iceberg, which has absolutely nothing to do with the tip.

Of course, #NotAllMen and the like. Brian Fischer was quick to note that the shooting in Orlando showed the difference between Islam and Christianity because Christians (as Brian Fischer recognizes them, which means anybody pro-gay-rights isn't going to count) don't want to kill homosexuals, but help them. Doug Wilson... well... I'll let LibbyAnne of LoveJoyFeminism talk about what he said*.

The point of the Social Iceberg, as a concept, is to recognize that the tip only gets above the water in small proportion to the amount of the submerged iceberg. If you've been saying that it's the right and responsibility of Christian business owners to discriminate against homosexual events or trying to pass laws that allow any discrimination on suspicion of homosexuality, then you're a part of the iceberg.

Yes, I know the shooter in Orlando happened to be Muslim. He's also someone born in America, a land steeping in messages that goodness and devotion to God demand anti-homosexual bigotry and discrimination. It wasn't just Imams from back in a country that isn't his home anymore that were at issue. He didn't just hate, he was surrounded by people who told him that hate wasn't just okay, but morally required.

Now, the Social Iceberg, itself, doesn't just apply to horrible things. It took a huge Social Iceberg of acceptance and equality and fighting back against the bigotry to reach the point where two men could kiss in public. (No, that was just a story told by his father, it turns out, but I'll use it anyway.) People had to add a bit and a bit and a bit before it came to pass that a sitting President could lose more credibility for not supporting marriage equality than for doing so.

Being in the submerged portion means joining with many others. But, it also means that what happens at the tip is related to what you do as a submerged portion.

The small things add up. That, too is something that's been said before. But, here's hoping it can be said a little more effectively for my help.

* http://www.patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism/2016/06/christian-pastor-doug-wilson-unleashes-his-persecution-complex-on-orlando.html



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