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Last time I said the Past is not Past. Socially, that's true. The old civilization may have died, but you're not a brand-new species, here. If you are, by the time you've discovered and translated this blog, you may well be beyond the use of this advice. No, what you are is a group of people who likely lived in the pre-apocalyptic society. So, the social issues will follow you. You can't deny that.

You can, however, reasonably let go of previous ownership.

The idea of owning something is more complex than we like to imagine. In reality, your property is what you can keep others from taking. The idea of being the rightful owner of an object is the construct of a law that helps us all accomplish that "others not taking away" thing. It's certainly useful and I would advocate maintaining the basic concept of ownership in your new society.

But, the idea that you still own a home that you long ago abandoned and someone else took up, both for reasons of the basic need to survive, that is a bit of the past that should be left in the past.

It's not going to seem fair. And, in truth, it won't be. But, none of this will be fair. It won't be fair that you are the ones to survive when so many died. Even if you predicted the apocalypse to come, it will only have been because you got lucky about one of the many ways the apocalypse could happen.

Rather than have your new society undertake the difficulties of deciding who has the rightful claim, the documentation, perhaps even the ancestral claim to own a particular tool, building, or stretch of land, let all of that be in the past. Instead, the principle should be that claiming is achieved through use.

Merely saying "mine" should be no more effective a claim than claiming that, before the apocalypse, one or one's ancestors owned something. That would have the effect of locking valuable tools and land up in someone's mere call of "dibs".

If one uses a tool or a building or a stretch of land that has not been legally owned since the pre-apocalyptic civilization, then that one has a claim to same. They're using this for their own good and for that of your new civilization. That's what you need more than anything about ownership. You need things to be used for the benefit of your new civilization.

Date: 2017-07-08 01:20 am (UTC)
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The concept you may be looking for is "homesteading", where you have to "prove" (as in improve/use) the land you are claiming to keep the claim.



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