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No, this isn't really the opposite of my earlier focus on not leaning heavily on a script. Consider this the balance to that.

Recently, while out for a walk, someone noted that they'd seen me on several walks prior. (I play Pokemon Go and I tell myself that the reason is that it gets me out walking.) Said someone then asked me if I was okay. That was... a strange thing to ask. It didn't seem to be based on anything. Potentially, he might have thought I was in financial difficulty and in need of a job? (Something I'd give serious consideration.)

No. The next line was "Don't think this is strange, but have you found Jesus Christ as your savior?"

There's another tip to pull out of that experience, but for now, let's focus on the response he had when I informed him that I am an atheist. "Well, don't rule it out ahead of time." After I pointed out that I already have given it some thought, he responded that I might change my mind... which is true regardless of the position I might hold.

The short of it is that he had a couple platitudes, but nothing to say. He got as far as the initial pitch and... didn't know where to go from there. He didn't have anywhere to go from there.

Note: I have heard reports from Christians who'd had this happen to them wherein they responded to such lines in the affirmative. There's that similar response... of nothing to be said. Platitude at best, stunned silence at worst. I have to imagine some rare occasions that the aspiring street preacher would say something along the lines of "good" or "that's nice".

For someone just meeting me on the street and making use of the opportunity (something I can't argue against given the nature of this series), I don't expect a case to be tailor made to me. After all, this person doesn't know me. So, they can't really say if I've ruled anything out ahead of time or any of the other common assumptions people make of atheists. They could, however, offer a conversation.

As stated in previous tips, a conversation requires both parties to be willing and you to listen. But, it also requires that you have something to say, even if that is "I want to listen". If you want to learn, that's okay. We're not obligated to be your teachers, but it's okay to ask.

If your response to their response is no response... maybe you're just not ready to ask that first question.



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