Jan. 9th, 2017

Setting: Down a road from the Multiverse Multiport... or up a road. North by south of the Mulitverse Multiport, and a little of an unspecified verticle direction stands The Total Theatre. The Total Theatre is large, boasting many movie theatres in which one can watch a variety of movies, particularly the movies referenced in fictions but that never make it into that semi-mythical land known as reality.

Camera pans slowly over various doors to theatres, signs displaying different movies.

From a theatre boasting a showing of Groundhog Day 12 stream five boys and a young girl, all minded by an older gentleman they, seemingly without disrespect, refer to as "Scary German Guy".

The next movie theater is about to show a film version of Bloodaxe and Ironhammer. On the way to, a man in somewhat shabby breastplate and helmet says to his well-dressed wife: I get that it's a romantic epic but...

Sybil: They're both dwarves, dear.

Camera continues to pan past the ticket counter.

Jack Slater: No, really, Stalone is great in it.

Camera finally pulls back to focus on two young men, each in their late teens. One with black hair, green eyes, and Mediterranean complexion. The other is fairer, blond with blue eyes, and wearing a noticable amount of green.

Percy Jackson: I don't have good luck with movies.

Magnus Chase: Let's just choose. If we choose a bad one, we're only out a few bucks.

Percy Jackson: You don't understand. You haven't been adapted for film.

A figure looking like Tom Hiddleston in a green suit leans down to poke his head between the two.: It didn't go all that great for me, either.
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