Jan. 24th, 2017

Establishing Shot: The tents of a semi-nomadic tribe of herdsmen as seen from very far away. Robed men with staffs tend to herds of goats. Too far to be recognized in specific at first.

Camera moves closer and also moves slowly from side to side. The sound of breathing up close. ((definitely not shaky cam!)) As the camera approaches the tribe, the goat herds move away from the tents. Women scream. Children cry.

Voice from just behind the camera gasps and breaks into a run.

Cut to inside the village.

Shenzi: Oh come on, now, really? For these stories, you should be used to talking animals by now! We're not even making a glance at your goats.

Banzai (quieter): Well, Ed's not exactly putting them at ease.

Camera moves to show Minotaur carrying Ed in the manner of an American Football. Ed glares at the goat-herders, snaps at them when they look in his direction. Beside him, Fenris sits... being Fenris.

Shenzi: And Fenris isn't exactly a calming presence.

Banzai looks around: Okay, okay, we're not here to talk to any of you. Here's our guy.

Camera turns to witness a largish man running towards the tribe, spear gripped to be ready for battle. He looks like he might be wearing a different kind of clothing from the rest of the tribe. But, the reality becomes apparent that he's wearing a loin cloth and is, otherwise, that hairy that you'd make the mistake.

Shenzi stands to all fours: Esau the man we want to see. We would have met you out in the wilderness but, well... you're a hunter and we're all various degrees of furred.
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